Justin Ho

Drawing on over 15 years of enriching experience in the tech industry, Justin is a seasoned veteran with a keen focus and passion for working with Offshore talent. As a people person first, he's cultivated meaningful relationships with vendors, emphasizing collaboration and shared success.

Justin is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CollectiveXP (CXP) where he is a strategic leader in the tech industry with a focus on optimizing offshore resources for top talent acquisitions. He is also renowned for his ability to swiftly scale Offshore teams. Adept at forging meaningful connections with vendors, he specialize in cultivating enduring relationships that go beyond transactions. Recognized as a great people person, he brings a personal touch to professional interactions, fostering a collaborative and engaging atmosphere. Committed to fostering great culture in the tech field, he prioritizes a positive and inclusive work environment. He is known for his expertise in creating efficient processes and innovative ways of working, he drives organizational success through effective and streamlined operations.